Saturday, December 16, 2017

To the Roof Line!

First, thank you for your kind words. Once I FIND the Christmas Tree Santa, I will ttry to get him finished to show you.

I made a mistake on the roof of the stable of my stocking and thought about leaving it, but realized it would be hard to work around so Thursday evening was spent removing stitching. Here is what it looked like before I removed it:
 I normally work around my mistakes, but I knew this one would be a headache quickly.
I was able to do a lot of stitching Friday and Saturday night. One side of the sky done! Well, except for some stars.
I am thinking about doing a rotation of projects this year. I have a few big projects that I need to power through. What are you doing for  2018?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Don't Judge My Finishing Techniques

First, I want to say, I am not a finisher. I really don't like to do it. I love the process of stitching, but finishing a project into something has never interested me. I like the feel of fibers in my fingers. I like watching patterns develop. I like how it calms me when I stitch and allows me to relax. Finishing makes me tense and want to throw everything against the wall.

So why did I finish these myself? One reason is that it is almost Christmas. If I want these to decorate my house this year, I needed to finish them myself. The other is cost. My finisher is worth every penny she charges, but I just don't want to pay to have something finished that I can do an ok job on.

So without further ado:
Candy Swirl Santa
 Christmas Light Santa
 And  two photos of the hat rack where they all hang.

I have a missing stitched Santa in my house-Christmas Tree Santa- and one coming in the mail soon- Pine cone Santa. There are several Santas that I haven't even started yet in my basement! I need to find another way to display them-SOON!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This One May Get Done

These little ornaments are taking forever!
This is from the end of November:
 And here it is now!
I don't work on it every night, but I try to spend a few minutes on it every week. I may just pull it out of the bedroom, where I stitch on it, and work on it during the day.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Outlined A Few Motifs

I know that this is a huge task, so I always try to outline as I go.
This photo was taken towards the end of November
 I am almost to the stable!
I have no urge to pull out Gay Ann's Drawn Thread Sampler. I need to. I ought to. But I think I will wait until January and see how much progress I can make on my Christmas stitching.

Monday, December 11, 2017

What I Stitched This Weekend

Not much, to be honest. I spent more time making candy than stitching. But I am almost done with my candy making so I can concentrate on stitching! That is until those college boys come home and want to be fed!
 First, this is the cording I used for the Santa hat. It is round and about as thick as my thumb. Hope that helps!
 This is where I am on Gaspar. He won't be done for Christmas, but I am making progress.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Santa I Stitched!

Well, it took me longer to decide to stitch this than to actually stitch it!
It was hard to stitch the ribbon on the padding. Hopefully I can get it finished next week so I can hang it on my tree.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Because I Have Nothing Better To Do

 The urge to do a Santa was overwhelming, so I pulled this one out:
 It is Candy Swirl Santa by Janet Zickler Casey. My son started it, probably around 2006/7. He did great on the face and the beard, but the hat was too much for him. He was around 11 at the time. I have been wanting to stitch it and get it on my Santa tree, but I didn't know what to do about my son's stitching on the hat. So I asked on Needlepoint Nation on Facebook!
 They thought I should leave it, so I did.  It is a pain to get smooth, but I am loving it. Will I get it done before the next Janet Zickler Casey Santa arrives?